I hope my artworks will affirm the experiences of those who have explored these ethereal realms of mind, and remind us that life is stranger than we can imagine. 
For me, painting is a spiritual practice of sorts; a way to expand consciousness beyond our personal ego limits and connect with a deeper creative force. 
Trusting the process and simply allowing my hand to paint out whatever wants to come through, inrestrained by any preconceived ideas of what it should be; something interesting tends to emerge. The more I surrender control the more mesmerizing the painting seems to turn out.
If we believe that we know everything, then anything which doesn’t fit into our model of the world gets unconsciously filtered out of awareness, and life stagnates. 
To remedy this. we must be able to tolerate ambiguity and not fear opening ourselves to that state of humble curiosity where the mysterious magic of life can once again shine through.